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Apple has been on an incredible journey since Steve Jobs died in October of 2011. Everything that he put into place has helped and aided this wonderful company to be so successful in the past 12 months…so much in fact that Apple has been more successful in the last 12 months than most companies have in the last 12 years. All things are coming up apples for the organization that Mr. Jobs left behind. With selling a mind-blowing 6-10 million Apple IPhone 5s, the Steve Jobs driven machine show no signs of slowing down.
There are some main things that have changed in the year that Steve Jobs’ untimely passing.

• The Company Apple as a whole has become a lot more shareholder-friendly
• They are more focused on expanding their current reach instead of creating the “next big thing” (Evident with the recent release of the Iphone 5, which is not ground-breaking but it is in line with the progression of the company)
• Financially Apple is a bit more mixed now then it was before.

Apple was hit with a major blow by Steve Jobs’ untimely passing but has managed to come out swinging for the fences with Tim Cook leading the way. The customers that have always supported Apple with probably continue to support Apple, they have been given no reason to stop now. I personally think that the innovation part of Apple has taken a bit of a break and the more logical (steady) portion of the company has taken over. By not trying to come up with something ground-breaking, they have been able to just extend their current products and obtain a massive amount of financial growth. The future of Apple is just as bright, if not brighter, than it was a year ago. Steve really put together a solid company and the prove is in Apple’s ability to maintain and achieve new heights with a new leader in place. Tim Cook definitely has his hands full when it comes to coming up with something new & innovative, but for right now his focus on furthering Apple’s reach is perfect. In regards to all things “Apple”…it is definitely A Brave New “Steve Jobs-Inspired” World ahead of us and it looks GREAT!

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