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Apple has done it again! Creating it’s 9th major release as well as the best consumer operating system there is! Apple’s 10.8 Mountain Lion has stepped out of it’s cage and on to amaze others! With it’s counted 200 hundred new features including enhanced messaging, sharing, cloud-based synchronisation, instant notifications, web browsing and more! Previous “Lion” owners will not have to relearn Mountain Lion’s capabilities. It is performed closely to its predecessor, just tweaked with amazing new features! Inspired by the iOS, which you’d find in the iPad or iPhone makes Mountain Lion an extraordinary buy.

For the one time fee of £12.99 Mountain Lion is a steal! Located in the app store with a 4.34 GB Download or bought with a new Mac. However, Mountain Lion cannot be purchased on a cd-rom. It is an upside to future technology and those who like simple purchasing or upgrading. However, it may be considered a downside with those consumers who do not have internet based connections and are not up to date with future technology. You also have the ability to upgrade to Mountain Lion from Lion or snow leapard.
Mountain lion does everything! It doesn’t even have a time to sleep! Power nap does it all for you. Periodically it wakes up your netbook and goes to work, updating your data as well as refreshing your apps. If this doesn’t catch you attention, Who knows what will! Power nap only works with Macbook or Macbook Pro’s (2011-present).
Another great feature was IMessage. At first glance it was not a feature that made much sense. But again, Apple knows what they’re doing! Replacing SMS’ with Wifi. Why would they do that? With IMessage using Wifi, you can now interact with other iOS devices instantly. You can also share media upto 100mb per file. The only factor that can give this a downside is how many other consumers you know, have an iOS or have IMessage as a primary source of interaction? Other than that it is a substantial way to communicate!
Apple continues to surpass others with commendable creations. All things considered, Mountain lion keeps a common based computing enviroment with Ipad advantages. As well as it’s close recognition to its predecessor Lion and its great 200 new apps, Mountain lion takes the meat and wins overall!

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