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By this time, almost everyone has heard about Apple’s iCloud. However, not everyone knows what it is for exactly, and how to use it. While it may be true that some are already using iCloud. However, only a few are using them to its maximum potential. This article is written to shine light to what is iCloud all about, its capability and few features that might prove useful if you incorporate it into your daily life. It does not really matter what matter what device you are using, as long it’s running on iOS, then you can have the opportunity to use iCloud to its maximum potential.

So What Is Exactly iCloud?To define it simply, iCloud is an online storage server service. It was opened to the public last 2011 by Apple Company. In just a year later, there were already 150 million registered users of the service. The idea was to offer an online storage service in which users can store data, and retrieve it instantly on whatever device they want or currently have. The storage system is also designed to make media sharing very easy. On top of that, it also serves as a backup system for certain files. Some files are accessible through the iCloud website such as contacts and calendar which gives you the ability to access such information no matter where you are in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.Notable iCloud Features One notable feature is the Restore iCloud and iOS Backup. This new system allows users to backup their files online rather than backing up using the traditional route. However, if you prefer using the traditional route of backing up, then you still have the option to do it. This online backup is very convenient since you can restore your device from any computer with an internet connection. Very different from the old method in which you only restore your device from your own computer.Another feature that is one of the top favorite for many people is the Find My IPhone. As the name suggest, this features offers a way for you to track or find your iOS device. The feature will show the location of your device in a map. Surprisingly, a lot of people would testify to its great accuracy. On top of that, using the Find My iPhone feature allows you to change some items on your device remotely such as play a specific sound, display a message that you like, change the stored passwords on your device and even wipe all the sensitive information and content on your device remotely.
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