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In this generation of mobile device dependency, you’re even more susceptible to identity theft and online fraudulence as cyber criminals target smartphones and tablets. According to, identity theft is extensive and includes credit card, loan, bank, government documents, benefits and tax fraud. One way for thieves to steal private information and commit these types of fraud is through mobile phones — your life source.

Prevent identity theft and protect your mobile device by downloading any of the following security applications:

Keeper Password & Data Vault

The Keeper Password & Data Vault is a free security app that offers an array of features for safely storing and accessing information. From multiple login data and account numbers to sensitive bank information and credit card numbers, haphazardly managing your personal information can have unfavorable consequences, like data theft. Your most private information will be stored with military-grade encryption, and it’s accessible to only you at any time in any location. This app will be your best friend as it launches websites with automatic fill-in logins and creates and remembers high-strength passwords.

Password security is particularly important for businesses accepting credit cards through mobile apps. According to Capital Processing Network, services like Square and Intuit GoPayment may be high on convenience, but they’re low on security. If you swipe your card through these handy devices, ensure that the vendor is security-conscious.

Hotspot Shield VPN

According to, Mobilewalla ranked this free app with a score of 92/100. Hotspot Shield VPN protects your personal information at public hotspots and safeguards your online presence. As soon as the app is launched, you’ll download a profile for your iPhone; if you’re new to using a privacy protection app, you may want to select that the shield that remains on at all times, rather than manual activation. Not only will your phone and Internet activity be spy-proof, it’ll even load Web pages faster.

Twitter Secure

For the tenacious tweeter and social media guru, the Twitter Secure app prevents those hackers from infiltrating and manipulating your Twitter account. This app is especially useful for social-media specialists who manage professional Twitter accounts. If you tweet professionally, you can feel comfortable knowing that tweets sent into the Twitterverse are secure and protected. Whether you’re tweeting on your iPhone at the airport or on your iPad at home, you never have to worry about someone accessing your Twitter account. The app’s passcode protection, auto-lock and auto-logout have your bases covered.

Gallery Lock Pro

You probably have hundreds of photos stored on your phone. By installing the Gallery Lock Pro app, your library of photos are locked. If your Android phone is lost or stolen, private photos and videos are hidden and password-protected. You can manage photos by categorizing them in folders and access the app “much in the same manner as a normal gallery app,” according to

Mobile Active Defense

Apple’s committed to combating identity theft insomuch that it released Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.), an identity theft application for iPhones and iPads. The app is designed to protect you from identity theft and your smartphone from spam, hostile software and phishing attacks. The app works by preventing users from seeing spam, which means you don’t even have the option to respond. According to a Mobile Active Defense press release, “the user, finally, receives only clean, pure and filtered email” — eliminating the threat of cybercriminals.

Other identity security apps include Protect My ID, AllClear ID, GO Locker and Lookout Security & Antivirus.

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