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The word is out! Apple could be getting ready to take the iPad in a new direction. What we mean is that they could be about to switch the display technology to help reduce the thickness. All this is believed to be in the  loop as we get ready for a possible iPad 5 launch in March this year.

The inside information points to the fact Apple will abandon the current display technology currently used in the iPad 4, as well as in the iPad 3, and iPad Mini. The new displays  Apple are going to use are IGZO display systems by Sharp. Currently seen in the PN_K321 high grade monitors, IGZO (semiconductors: indium, gallium, and zinc oxide). This display offers many benefits over liquid-crystal displays, including higher pixel density, and most importantly making it a thinner display.

Apple will be giving this some carful consideration, especially in light of the the high sale of the iPad 3 with retina display The larger pixel density has proved popular significantly over rival devises. There main thought will be on the competition such as the Google Nexus 10. THis already has similar resolution on its screen. its clear Apple really will need to do something special if it is to keep ahead of the competition.

Rumours suggest Apple has got together with Sharp for its IGZO display technology and is expected to feature for the first time in the iPad 5. When it is realised this will give the New iPad 5 a higher pixel density than any iPad before, while at the same time making the new iPad significantly thinner.   a rumour from Japanese blog Macotakara suggests that the iPad 5 could drop to as little as 7.4mm thick.

As always Apple has not commented on this speculation, and Sharp have also refused to discuss any deals they may have in place with Apple. But March is not far away and with these Rumours fresh of the press, we won’t have to long to wait for that first all important appearance of the new iPad 5.

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