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iPhone Water Damage Repairs

iPhone Water Damage Repairs

When it comes to water damage. We will provide services for all models including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and the New iPad 4. In many cases we will be able to fix your water damaged Apple product. If your iPad, or iPhone has become water damaged by milk, juice, water, beer, wine, etc. 1st thing we suggest you do is turn off your iPhone or iPad and remove the sim card.

Let our professional technicians at iFixExpress repair your water damaged iPhone or iPad. Over the years we have worked on thousands of of Apple iPhones and back at our repair base in we have specialists machines for doing just that. amazingly the success rate of recovering your water damaged iPad or iPhone is around 90%.

We understand the importance of your iPhone or iPad, as well as the data you have stored on there. THats why we do are very best to make sure we get you back up and running again with your iDevice as soon as possible. In many cases this could be the same day, but some times that might not be possible, and we will advise you of this at the time should we feel a little longer is going to be needed. Upon completion, your phone or tablet will be fully tested.

Our water damage repair service includes full a full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning. We always try our very best to fully restore your iPhone or iPad to full operational capabilities through our cleaning process, most of the time no other parts are needed to be replaced in the phone. If however additional parts are going to be need, we will advise you in advance.  In the rare case that we can not get your iPhone or iPad  working, we will provide you with a couple different options.

When parts do need replacing on lets say the iPhone, its usually only the battery, or screen/digitizer. We will always let you know how much the repair will cost before go ahead and do the work.

So pointers to take note of if you have just got your iPhone or iPad wet is not only to remove the sim card, but not to try and turn it on (this could damage it further). Also do not use hairdryers on the device as this will only damage and melt certain areas of the frame, or rubber seals. The best thing to do is get in contact we us as soon as you can. In the time in-between your appointment the best thing to do is keep the iDevice someone warm like a airing cupboard, this will assist to dry the item quicker. Do not try to pry off the iPhone back, or front screen. Repairs and diagnostic need to be performed by a professional.