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Mac vs. PC- Why Macs are Better

Everyone is familiar with the Mac versus PC debate. This battle has been fought for as long as the two have been around. The PC user camp claims that only “hip” designers or artists actually need a Mac. That is simply not true. Today a Mac is designed with everyone in mind. The operating system is intuitive and highly customizable, and the computer is designed to provide the highest levels of safety to protect itself from viruses and malware.Apple has specifically designed their products to be sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive to the user. They spend time considering every aspect of the computer’s design- inside and out- to provide consistent quality, reliability, and the best hardware and software integration available. Anyone can pick up a Mac and learn how to navigate it easily.The Apple operating system may seem daunting to a lifelong PC user, but in almost no time the entire interface will become second nature to navigate and manipulate. Apple’s latest operating system for Mac, OS X, is also PC compatible. This means a Mac will be able to connect to an existing PC network, run Microsoft Office, and even run a Windows (or Linux!) operating system in tandem with its own operating system. This flexibility also means that information transfer from a PC to a Mac is painless. The interface is highly customizable, so with a few clicks and keystrokes the entire Mac experience can be tailored to the user’s needs and preferences. This creates a more comfortable and productive user experience.

Macs are less prone to being hacked or infected with a virus. Apple has built in safety features to help users feel secure when browsing. Gatekeeper, for example, is a feature that protects users from unknowingly downloading malware. Macs also automatically check for security updates on a daily basis, so the computer stays up to date and safe. With its latest operating system, Mac has added antiphishing technology, password protection and hard drive encryption to ensure the computer stays safe and secure.

There are several reasons to choose a Mac over a PC- its innovative and intuitive design, its simple yet advanced interface, and its superior security features. These are just a few of the many reasons that Macs come out on top of the Mac vs. PC debate.

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