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As an avid Mac user I like to class myself in the category of the professional Mac user! What do I mean when I say professional Mac user, I mean the kind of user that buys a Mac for business. When I buy a Mac I want to know that I can upgrade it as I see fit, and most importantly that it can stand up to a business environment of heavy use. As a graphic designer myself I look for lots of power under the hood when I purchase a Mac. I, like many professionals (video editors, graphic designers, music producers)  need to know that our work station is solid and ready to process the cpu, and ram intensive programs we require to get the jobs done in the dead lines we need.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Apple as much as the next old school Macintosh veteran! But I am starting to feel less loved by the now super power that is Apple. Every time Apple announces something new the spot light always seems to be on have much smaller, or thinner the item is. Take the new late 2012 iMac for example, its so thin it looks like an optical illusion! The Macbook pro seems to have taken second place to the Macbook Air.  Apple are without most definitely moving in the direction of the home user, as well as peter blogs the student, and the twitter and Facebook inspired  generation.  Its not all Apples fault we are getting left behind. The voting is done with our wallets and that money is heading right for the iPads and Air.

As each year goes by the mac becomes more of a closed product, and more aimed towards the masses. Many professionals I have spoken to in regards to the new up and coming iMac 2012 are extremely sceptical. a few have already gone out and purchased the last of what they believe is a solid business ready iMac before the paper thin iMac is realised. No lie Im thinking about joining them. THe new iMac looks more like a toy! When I think how how much my lively hood depends on the speed of my workflow the new iMac scares me!

I posted something similar on the Apple community board a week back and it wasn’t long before the rants from the professional Mac users started showing up. Some even complaining about the quality of the latest Mac Pro tower. Others moaning on about no updates to the Mac Pro in 2012 when everything else seems to be refreshed. So I ask the question “are Professional Mac User getting Left Behind”. And if we are what do we do? It is of course the die hard Mac Professionals that kept Apple afloat in the bad times, Id go as far as to say the professionals are the foundation of there reputation today.

Its a tuff one! As the Macs get thinner and less customisable, can Apple still really have an eye on the professional user for the future.Or are we only a matter of time away from the all new Apple. My firend in the north of England has been on about this fir the last couple of years. This guy is really quirky and I love the modern edge he has on his business. You can check the company out on Yell. Just don’t get the guy started on whats happening with the Mac Pro. Its a touchy subject.


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