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The Best iPhone Cloud Apps for 2012

Even though the world did not end as was largely expected, 2012 ended on a high note altogether. It was a great year for iPhone users, with many independent developers stepping up to develop some of the most innovative applications. Though there were hundreds of new applications that came up, there are those that hit the market with a bang and literally stood out from the crowd. Here is a look at some of the best iPhone applications that rocked the market in 2012.


Even though to-do applications are the order of the day nowadays, only a few of them actually stand out, and of them is Clear. It has a super minimal interface and boasts of unique features that just make it shine. These include swipe, pull and pinch gestures. Thanks to its innovative nature, Clear is arguably the most polarizing application of the year. Its gesture-based-to-do list is regarded by many as a breakthrough. Tasks are arranged in accordance with how important they are, and there is no buttons involved – everything is done through gestures.

Google Chrome

Even though this is an awesome browser for the desktop, the application has been replicated and brought to iPhone. It includes more or less the same features as the desktop version. These include, among others, Omnibar for instant searches, swipe gestures to manage and close tabs, as well as pre-fetched pages. On the same note, one can sync history, bookmarks, save passwords and open new tabs.

Google Drive

More than just a cloud storage solution, Google Drive is another iPhone application that made headlines in 2012. Besides cloud storage, it also offers instant document editing, both online and offline. This not only makes the application a top-notch storage solution, but also an awesome cloud-based office suite that can accommodate SugarSync and Dropbox among others.

iTranslate Voice

Arguably one of the most innovative and engaging applications, iTranslate allows two people who speak different languages to have a smooth and comprehensive conversion over the phone. All it takes is to tap the English button, speak and listen as your words are translated to the target language. Consequently, when the other person speaks, their language is translated to English. The beauty is that this applications supports up to thirty different languages. Even though it requires constant internet connection, it definitely comes in handy for a frequent traveller who traverses the world.


Another smart and innovative application, Burner allows iPhone users to make phone calls and send text messages using disposable phone numbers. As much as these phone numbers come at a price, the application comes in handy for online dating, doing Craigslist transactions, as well as any other online activity that may require some level of anonymity. The only downside is that you get limited number of minutes and messages.

Solar For those that love to get weather updates, then this is a must-have application on your iPhone handset. Solar is a simple, yet elegant application that lets you plan your day or week in accordance with the weather forecast. It has a colour ingredient that tells you the temperature and weather of the day, a few hours, or even the next few days depending on what you have chosen. Also included is an option where you can change locations.


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