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With the iPhone market being the single most dominating force among competing smartphones, Apple has had a reputation of keeping up on their prized phones. 

How far will Apple take the iPhone this year with the rumored iPhone 5S? Well with the release of the iPhone 5 a number of updates were made. For instance Apple included a 4-inch display, new speech recognition software known as siri as well as a plethora of other new features. Everyone is just wondering if Apple will serve up a new iPhone that both meets and exceeds our expectations.

The rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5S are suggesting that the newest phone from Apple could possibly be released as soon as sometime mid-2013. The fact that the most recent iPhone (the iPhone 5) was released less than 8-months ago suggest that Apple might lean towards waiting on an official release until sometime late-2013.

Apple has had a track record for consistently releasing major updates to a few critical components of the iPhone; the most vital of these components being the processor. There is a high level of anticipation too see if the new iPhone will integrate either a faster dual-core processor or the first ever quad-core processor in any iPhone.

Another critical component of any iPhone has historically been the integrated camera. Since the launch of the original iPhone the phone has undergone many advances, including the expansion into new territories of hi-definition capabilities. Apple fans can expect to see higher resolution, upwards to 12 megapixels.

One of the landmarks Apple has made was with the development and eventual launch of Siri with the iPhone 4S. Siri has been noted as being the most advanced speech recognition software available on smartphones across the board. With the iPhone 5 Siri has remained highly functional but has yet to see any major updates. With the iPhone 5S right around the corner will Siri see any major updates?

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