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The highly anticipated, redesigned, iTunes 11 has just been released. Many die hard iTunes fans have been waiting for this new update. Below are just a few of the new features that iTunes 11 has to offer.

Completely Redesigned Interface

The media player has been redesigned. The new design is more compact. It is more simple and has been found easier to navigate through. The interface itself feels lighter. It is faster to get to and from different features in the iTunes library. There seems like the sidebars have been completely removed, with most of the feature menus being moved to the top of the library. The sidebars have just been taken from grid view. The designers of iTunes 11 tried to place more of an emphasis on grid view. Even though it make time time to get used to, this new design proves to be more convenient for the iTunes user.Up Next
Up Next is a brand new feature of iTunes. With Up Next you can pick the order of the songs that you are listening to, without creating a playlist.New Mini Player
The mini player is completely redesigned. It is smaller and contains less controls than before, which will reduce the amount of content that is being displayed on your screen. You can now search through your library through the mini player window. The “Next Up” feature can even be completed from the new mini player.

iCloud Integration

The new iTunes now has an even greater integration with iCloud. Streaming and browsing have become less complicated with this new iTunes update. You can now listen to, and purchase, new songs without leaving your iTunes library. This is very convienent when you are trying to purchase the rest of an album that has not been fully purchased. Previews of songs can also be listened to from the iCloud intergration. iCloud integration continues to make it possible to have access to your iTunes library from all of your devices. If you are watching a video, or listening to a song from one device, you can pause it and then pick up at the same exact place on another device later.

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