Business/Corporate Sector Support Solutions


iFixExpress is an established business sector IT support company. We are able to provide Apple repair services for all macintosh models as well as the iPad and iPhone. Our experienced Local technicians come to you in your business premises to solve your Apple or PC related problems.

With more and more companies turning to Apple products like the iPad for business use it is essential to have a reliable company to assist in times of need. Our team of engineers can provide repair services on site for the iPad, iPhone, and Macintosh. No waiting around, just fast, professional solutions when you need them most. We provide business based support and repair solutions to hospitals, the justice system (law practises) , supermarkets, high street stores, corporate banking, as well as the leisure industry.

  • Remote Support
  • On Site iPad & iPhone Repairs 
  • Macintosh & PC Integration
  • Network Setup and Security
  •  Software Updates
  • Broadband Issues
  • Training 

Our charges for Business Computing Support are low cost and competitive. We are able to come to you, or you can use are walk in facility in Dartford, just off the M25. We can arrange tailor made business support packages, or we offer pay as you go, this forms the ideal solution for any business that does not want to be committed to a maintenance contract, yet requires the reassurance of knowing that its computer and network maintenance needs are taken care of by a forward looking professional company.